Monday, April 14, 2008



I realized that I hadn't posted in almost a month! I've been so busy over the last 6 weeks. I got older, almost sold out of toys at Wodonga Carnival Wild, Have a new AWESOME JOB that I didn't have to go to the city to get AND I'm moving out this week or next.
So where do I find time to sew? HA! THERE IS ALWAYS TIME TO SEW AND CREATE!!! I just have less time to sleep and post blogs! haha.

I've only had time to check my emails every second day however, last night I checked my email after shooting a short film with my best buddies(yeah, I even find time for that!)and guess what?!

I got an email from Cranky Yellow saying that I'm one of the artists selected for the Crammed Organisms Show (check out the extremely awesome advert for it to the top right). It is going to be a brilliant show! I only wish flying over to the US was a little cheaper, I think I will go for my pilot's license after all :)I can afford to fly my softies over for the show I'm sure they'll tell me all about it if they come back home that is.

I recommend you all check out the website because there are a lot of great links, inspiring artists from all over the world and The website is just so fan-dangled you don't want to miss checking it out!

So, back to other news on the Pickled Tink softies front. Blarney Bug did really well in his section of the parade on Q.D.Patooties, He didn't win but he though puss in boots was very dapper and charismatic indeed. Blarney Bug has decided that maybe he'd have a better chance if he didn't drink so much Guinness right before the parade.

Check out SOFTIES CENTRAL on flickr to enter the 2nd Annual Softies Awards. It's lots of fun and anyone can I don't know if you win anything I just went i it cos it's fun!

Ok well, I have lots more little bits of news but I have itchy fingers that just have to go and create my little plushies friends sitting patiently in my imagination.

Toodle pip for now :)