Sunday, August 10, 2008


4 WHOLE MONTHS after moving out with my boyfriend, I FINALLY manage to convince him that we need the internet!

it has been too long my fellow softy-loving friends and I do apologise.

I may have missed several months of contact with softies all over the world but I can assure you that not having the net has given me more time to create despite working full time and doing housework :)

I hear that the Crammed Organisms show was a huge success in Saint Louis and I'm busting to receive my book in the mail when Cranky Yellow finds time to grab a breather.

I am also working on the new Pickled Tink website and hope to have it up online before the end of August. It will give you all a good look at my softies, hopefully some free patterns, links to my blog here and my shop on Etsy and I'm also working on some fun mini-games for little kids and big kids alike :D

so enough wasting time talking, I'll get back to work.

Happy sewing everyone,


Monday, April 14, 2008



I realized that I hadn't posted in almost a month! I've been so busy over the last 6 weeks. I got older, almost sold out of toys at Wodonga Carnival Wild, Have a new AWESOME JOB that I didn't have to go to the city to get AND I'm moving out this week or next.
So where do I find time to sew? HA! THERE IS ALWAYS TIME TO SEW AND CREATE!!! I just have less time to sleep and post blogs! haha.

I've only had time to check my emails every second day however, last night I checked my email after shooting a short film with my best buddies(yeah, I even find time for that!)and guess what?!

I got an email from Cranky Yellow saying that I'm one of the artists selected for the Crammed Organisms Show (check out the extremely awesome advert for it to the top right). It is going to be a brilliant show! I only wish flying over to the US was a little cheaper, I think I will go for my pilot's license after all :)I can afford to fly my softies over for the show I'm sure they'll tell me all about it if they come back home that is.

I recommend you all check out the website because there are a lot of great links, inspiring artists from all over the world and The website is just so fan-dangled you don't want to miss checking it out!

So, back to other news on the Pickled Tink softies front. Blarney Bug did really well in his section of the parade on Q.D.Patooties, He didn't win but he though puss in boots was very dapper and charismatic indeed. Blarney Bug has decided that maybe he'd have a better chance if he didn't drink so much Guinness right before the parade.

Check out SOFTIES CENTRAL on flickr to enter the 2nd Annual Softies Awards. It's lots of fun and anyone can I don't know if you win anything I just went i it cos it's fun!

Ok well, I have lots more little bits of news but I have itchy fingers that just have to go and create my little plushies friends sitting patiently in my imagination.

Toodle pip for now :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy Easter!

Well, the first Annual Easter Parade is well under swing at Q.D.Patooties and Lisa has done a wonderful job of all the organizing.

I'm so proud to have my Blarney Guinness Grub in the parade this year. Voting starts at the end of the parade so vote for me and some of the other wonderful easter creations on show!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March Madness

The beginning of March has always been busy for me having my birthday early on but, this year it's set to be busy the whole month with easter to finish it off!

I started the month with the monthly Wodonga Markets selling my softies so well that buy the end of the day I had next to nothing in stock!

I then decided that maybe people did really like my softies after all and that it was worth the sacrifice to work at the markets the following Saturday which happened to be my birthday at Wodonga Carnival Wild.

I spent the whole week sewing like a chicken with a chronic egg-laing disorder. I still wasn't happy with the amount I got done but once I had stepped back after setting up my stand I realized it wasn't a bad amount for a one-woman sweat shop!

I did sell a lot of toys that night and felt that it was a huge success. I had an overwhelming flood of lovely comments from people of all ages getting joy from seeing my critters. The most rewarding customer was a little baby boy. His mum bought him one of my Cuddle Buddies and his eyes lit up and he had the biggest smile as she gave it to him.

I can never stop making toys now :)

I'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who stopped by my store, you made my day!

I hope to grow and continue the passion for handmade toys here in Albury Wodonga so stay tuned for many more huggable friends coming form my studio!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Busy Blythenstien Weekend

I spent most of the weekend working on Frankie and her Blog rather than making the new softies I'd designed the week before.

I did however make my boyfriend a companion cube softy for St Valentines Day. he was so stoked he's still grinning about it!

The other softy-related thing I managed to do in amongst housecleaning and Blythe scalp-plugging was to take a few photos of some softies a made at the end of last month (see pictures above). They are going up for sale on Etsy after I finish this blog.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


As the title suggests, I have now opened my Etsy Shop. I will work hard to put as much as I can in my shop for the next couple of weeks, I need to clear some room in my studio for all the new projects I have lined up!

My friend's mum owns a cute little book shop and she wants a whole bunch of my softies to sell. I have to agree that there is nothing better than curling up with a good book and a softy to cuddle!

I also went to the Saturday markets last weekend and had a great response for my softies. I meta lady who makes gorgeous little hair bows and she wants to sell some of my sock monkeys and softies on her website.

On top of all this good news Q.D.Patooties has featured my Blarney Guinness Grub on her blog as part of the up-coming 1st Annual Easter Parade. I'm so honored!

Anyway, Time's -a- wastin' and there's softies to be made!

PS: Sorry I couldn't put a photo in this blog.....Blogger is playing up!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Introducing Milly Monsters

Coming soon to my Etsy shop are a motley bunch of lovable, cuddly monsters.

Milly monsters may look a little crazy but they are always there to make you smile by pulling a funny face.

Each monster is unique and has been designed to suit all ages especially young children with the use of safety eyes and easy washability.

Milly Monsters are named after my younger sister. She can be an absolute terror some times and her many moods are represented in the faces of these monsters.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Blarney Bug

Scientific Name: Blarneyus buggius

Common Name: "The Blarney Bug" or "The Blarney Guinness Grub"


The Blarney Bug is a native species of Ireland however is found all over the world. He grows to a height of approx 7 inches tall, has green skin and a carrot-top Mohawk. This little bug loves to eat and drink any time of the day and has a bit of a pot-belly to prove it but still has a heart of gold.

Feeding habits:

- eats four leaf clovers
- his favorite drink is Guinness


Like a true patriot, the Blarney bug can be found partying around the clock on St. Paddy's day from early morning way in to the whee hours of the day after.

This is my entry in the
1st Annual Softies Easter Parade run by Q.D.Patooties. There are several categories to enter and this particular creation is for the 'A Bit of Blarney' section. I'm very proud of him as I hand-stitch him all while I am sick with the flu. I wasn't too sure that my pattern would work as I was a little out of it, but he turned out well I think.

If anyone is interested in the pattern I can put it up for you to download.

He is the first softy I have made from mostly wool felt.I have been making softies since I was a very little girl...cutting up good jumpers to make critters and hiding the scraps from mum. But it hasn't been until recently that I have been inspired to use felt in my toy-making.

Living in rural Australia, it wasn't long before I found myself sick of using the terrible acrylic felt from spotlight. So, I shopped around online and found Bumble Bee Designs on Ebay. They offer a great selection of felts and you can choose whatever colours you want so naturally I got as many colours as I could afford!

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Monkey Trade

Ta-da! Introducing Pinky's Sock Pals

After hand-stitching my first sock monkey from an old pair of socks at my boyfriends house one night I have decided present some of my sock creations for sale. This is a sneak preview of my little pals as they wait for me to set up my online store. and yes, I make all my for-sale critters out of new socks and new materials. Email me if you are interested in purchasing either of these little fellows. Stay tuned for more monkey business!

-Pinky Higgs

Friday, January 18, 2008


Hello all and welcome to my blog. I am an Australian Designer and my passion for sewing flows through the Softies and other sewing creations I make. I hope you enjoy my blog and bare with me as I work to set up a blog to entertain you, introduce my furry little amigos and deliver free patterns every now and then.

- Pinky Higgs