Sunday, August 10, 2008


4 WHOLE MONTHS after moving out with my boyfriend, I FINALLY manage to convince him that we need the internet!

it has been too long my fellow softy-loving friends and I do apologise.

I may have missed several months of contact with softies all over the world but I can assure you that not having the net has given me more time to create despite working full time and doing housework :)

I hear that the Crammed Organisms show was a huge success in Saint Louis and I'm busting to receive my book in the mail when Cranky Yellow finds time to grab a breather.

I am also working on the new Pickled Tink website and hope to have it up online before the end of August. It will give you all a good look at my softies, hopefully some free patterns, links to my blog here and my shop on Etsy and I'm also working on some fun mini-games for little kids and big kids alike :D

so enough wasting time talking, I'll get back to work.

Happy sewing everyone,