Monday, October 26, 2015

NEW: Bippy the Bunyip easy Cut-&-Sew Panel

Squishee hugs from my little boy

I started sewing when I was a kid. I didn't have much pocket money and mum didn't appreciate me experimenting with her fabric stash ( example: the smock panel I destroyed to make a barbie dress). Creating a stash when you first start can be expensive and you'll probably end up with a bunch of fabric you don't use. Plus there's having to buy the pattern and other notions. It get's pricey if you have to buy it all.

I quickly discovered that the best value for pocket money as a novice stitcher were those easy cut and sew projects because you didn't need to worry about trying to find the right fabrics, it's all printed on the one panel. It was also great because I didn't have to fuss with a pattern. Reading patterns correctly is one of the big hurdles when you first start out and it is one of the main suggestions for my sewing class topics I have received.  With cut and sew there's no need to fuss, you won't accidentally cut pieces against the grain or forget to flip them and then run out of fabric. Just cut it out your pieces and sew it up. Less scraps to hoard.

In light of this, I have created my very own cut and sew panel available for purchase on spoonflower in my designer's shop.  This is a project I would have been super excited about as a kid but it's just as fun to make him when you're an adult for a special little person you know :)

Introducing Bippy the Bunyip:

So what is a Bunyip? These mysterious mythical creatures come from Australia and can be found in swamps and Billabongs. Traditionally, Bunyips were thought to drag people away but we have enough scarey creatures in Australia already. Bibby is a kind young bunyip who often helps lost travelers back on to their path. He's definitely a fantastic companion choice for your little adventurer!

Hello there!

I made this little guy in Spoonflower's Faux Suede and I highly recommend it! You do have a choice of fabrics of course, just make sure your selection is from the wider fabrics that are 54" wide yards or Fat Quarter (27" x 18") such as Eco canvas, Faux Suede or Minky. The Eco canvas and Suede are easy to sew with a sharp 'heavy' or 'denim' sewing needle in your machine. I like the suede because it has a really lovely 'pile' to it and feels beautiful. The Minky? Well, it is nice and soft and doesn't stretch too much BUT it is super slippery!!! It is not at all easy for a beginner or intermediate stitcher to sew. If you do wish to tackle it though, you will need a ball point needle in you sewing machine and A LOT of pins to keep the seams lined up. Or you could hand stitch the whole doll and you wouldn't have to worry about it slipping. Order your Bippy Panel here, from the Spoonflower website.

This is how Bippy arrives: 

 The seam allowance is included and is the same colour all the way through so even if you don't sew right on the seam line it won't show on your finished doll.  Of course I have detailed written instructions and photos for every step to make it super easy for you to sew this little guy up.  I've started a separate blog especially for sewing instructions here later this will all be on my own website with all the fun crafty things I do. You can take a look at all the instructions and ask questions before you even order if you like :)

Mr 4 showing off Bippy's colourful tail and bottom
Of course you know what else is awesome about cut-and-sew toys? The fact you don't have to worry about the face... no more trying to transfer eyes and mouth placements and no time needed to sew these features on. And best of all? That makes them much safer for tiny little people who love to chew! My 16 month old daughter demonstrates this well. One lovely lady made Bibby for her adorable grandson and she sent me a picture of him having a wonderful chewy cuddle. You can read her review of her experience creating Bippy and see her gorgeous grandson doing some 'product testing' at the bottom of my fabric listing on Spoonflower.

Best of friends

What do you think? Do you like cut and sew toys or do you prefer to use a pattern and customize it? Would you like to see me turn Bibby into a pattern like my Babushka and Boy doll? What sort of cut and sew projects would you like to see?

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

Never stop creating,

Love Pinky xoxo