Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Blarney Bug

Scientific Name: Blarneyus buggius

Common Name: "The Blarney Bug" or "The Blarney Guinness Grub"


The Blarney Bug is a native species of Ireland however is found all over the world. He grows to a height of approx 7 inches tall, has green skin and a carrot-top Mohawk. This little bug loves to eat and drink any time of the day and has a bit of a pot-belly to prove it but still has a heart of gold.

Feeding habits:

- eats four leaf clovers
- his favorite drink is Guinness


Like a true patriot, the Blarney bug can be found partying around the clock on St. Paddy's day from early morning way in to the whee hours of the day after.

This is my entry in the
1st Annual Softies Easter Parade run by Q.D.Patooties. There are several categories to enter and this particular creation is for the 'A Bit of Blarney' section. I'm very proud of him as I hand-stitch him all while I am sick with the flu. I wasn't too sure that my pattern would work as I was a little out of it, but he turned out well I think.

If anyone is interested in the pattern I can put it up for you to download.

He is the first softy I have made from mostly wool felt.I have been making softies since I was a very little girl...cutting up good jumpers to make critters and hiding the scraps from mum. But it hasn't been until recently that I have been inspired to use felt in my toy-making.

Living in rural Australia, it wasn't long before I found myself sick of using the terrible acrylic felt from spotlight. So, I shopped around online and found Bumble Bee Designs on Ebay. They offer a great selection of felts and you can choose whatever colours you want so naturally I got as many colours as I could afford!

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susan said...

will you be making any of these little guys for your etsy shop? he is just too cute (shh i voted for him)